Individuality create the best teams

Individuality create the best teams

Anya is (probably) the best wedding stylist in the whole of Krakow.

Jasiek is a champion in making the so called women's classics, especially when it comes to bobs!

Anna on the other hand, loves to play with color and perform all sorts of spectacular effects.

So different, yet together we create both a harmonious and complementary team. We love to watch how our clients bloom like flowers, reviving in their new hairstyles and colors. Watch them grow younger and become more radiant - it fills us with joy & satisfaction! We are addicted to our passion, which is why we work even after work: during photo shoots, on Film sets, during commercials and various productions. We follow trends, but we also have some sort of an intuition when it comes to it all. We have a holistic approach to our customer, not only are we interested in your head and hair, but also lifestyle and personality. We believe that a well chosen hairstyle affects our well-being - our clients are our best proof!

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