Anna Adamczuk is now Mowan Polska trainer!

31 January 2018

Anna Adamczuk & Mowan Poland

The new year has barely begun, and there are already huge changes at The Messy Head Hospital!

We are proud to announce that Anna Adamczuk has become an official trainer of the new hair dye brand – Mowan, which she will be pleased to introduce to the Polish market.

Mowan Megix10 is an innovative product in the segment of permanent coloring – deep, saturated colors, a color that lasts for a long time, with 100% gray coverage, and most importantly – the coloring process lasts only 10 minutes! But it is not everything! Imagine dying your hair and regenerating it – now it’s possible!


All thanks to Keraveg-18, an innovative vegetable keratin formula that is the main ingredient in the Mowan Megix10 paint. It is an alternative to zoonotic proteins and has much better properties than they are. The rich nutritional and protective properties of Keraveg made the Megix10 product a list of innovative and environmentally friendly products for hair-care treatments.

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Megix10 is the only product that simultaneously regenerates damaged hair, moisturizes it, nourishes it and gives a deep color within 10 minutes. The reduced coloring time has a positive effect on the condition of the scalp and hair, without damaging them.

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What you get during the Megix10 coloring:
– hair reconstruction with the Keraveg-18 formula
– reduction of the coloring time to 10 minutes
– 100% coverage of gray
– natural ingredients that care about the structure of the hair
– 80 colors to choose from
– nutrition and regeneration in a few minutes
– a guarantee of intensive color for longer

We invite you to watch the relationship from the product training Mowan, which Anna led in our salon!

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