BYAS Face Lifter – all-in-one high tech rejuvenation treatment

23 January 2018
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BYAS Face Lifter

The BYAS Face Lifter offers you professional technology in a mobile hand-held device for convenient and highly-effective use.

Extremely quickly and effectively eliminates the signs of skin aging, such as:

  • wrinkles
  • shadows and bags under the eyes
  • flayed facial muscles
  • fat deposits on the chin and neck

Already after the first treatment:

  • improving skin hydration,
  • smoothing wrinkles,
  • reduction of bags under the eyes,
  • improvement of skin firmness

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The patented MST Multi-Synchronous Technology of the Face Lifter combines four technologies, which have been used successfully in specialist clinics and institutes for many years:

MICROVIBRATION The Face Lifter combines the microvibration method, not only with iontophoresis but also with EMS applications. The microvibration method of the Face Lifter means a deep massage for the united cell structures of the skin., the overall structural cohesion of the tissue layers is improved.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). EMS stimulates muscle contraction. In this way, not only are the face’s wrinkles reduced but its natural modelling is also restored. The skin becomes firmed up, as the muscles are additionally strengthened and developed.

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RADIOFREQUENCY The Face Lifter uses the thermal effect generated by radio frequency waves in the tissue to remove fat deposits in the cheek, chin and neck area and therefore to remodel the natural face line. The energy frequency waves strengthen the metabolism of the fatty tissue and therefore promotes fat breakdown .

IONTOPHORESIS The Face Lifter uses the iontophoresis principle, in order to transport the ionised active ingredients of the BYAS special serums, for example, the highly effective hyaluronic and amino acid complex, through to the deeper skin layers. The moisture storage capacity of the connective tissue is increased considerably and the collagen and elastin production of the fibroblasts is improved. The skin becomes soft and elastic. Small wrinkles are evened out and deeper wrinkles are reduced overall.

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